30 World-Leading Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Mental Health Practitioners Share Their Secrets.

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Get lifetime access to all 30 masterclass sessions plus CPD certification.

The Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass is the #1 Online Resource for
Mental Health Professionals Who Want to Be at the Forefront of The Field.

The Weekend University has spent the past five years hosting talks and interviews with over 200 of the world’s leading psychologists, professors, and authors. 

This has given us a broad overview of what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to helping clients heal. 

And for this summit, we’ve carefully selected 30 of the world’s leading pioneers to share their most effective strategies and best practices with you.

The ideas shared in this summit have the potential to not only change your perspective, but also to transform your approach to therapy too. 

You’ll be getting paradigm-shifting insights from the likes of: 

— Steven Hayes (Founder of ACT) 

— Pat Ogden (Founder of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)

— Paul Gilbert (Founder of Compassion Focused Therapy)

— Lisa Feldman Barrett (World-Leading Emotions Researcher)

— Stephen Porges (Developer of The Polyvagal Theory)

— Dan Siegel (UCLA Clinical Professor of Psychiatry)

— Janina Fisher (Clinical Psychologist & Former Instructor at Harvard Medical School)

— Richard Schwartz (Founder of Internal Family Systems Therapy)

— Anna Lembke (Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University)

— Mick Cooper (Co-developer of Pluralistic Therapy)

And 20 others – all in one place!

It would not be uncommon to pay £500+ for a single workshop or training program with just one of these speakers. 

However, this offer gives you lifetime access to 30+ hours of their best insights, for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.

So instead of paying (£500 x 30 = £15,000) and having to travel over the world to learn from them in person, you can get lifetime access to this groundbreaking knowledge for a mere £67. 

If you are someone who is serious about achieving mastery in your therapeutic work, being at the forefront of your field, and offering the best possible service for your clients, then this is a once-in-a-lifetime, not to be missed opportunity. 

What If I Can’t Make It
All 30 Sessions During the
Live Event?

Now you’re probably thinking that this all sounds great, but you’re way too busy to take a full week out of your busy schedule to attend all 30 of these sessions.

You’ve got clients to see, bills to pay, and mouths to feed…

So going through everything in a single week might not be feasible for you – which means you might miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity and fully integrate the knowledge shared. 

The good news is — with a Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass, you’ll get lifetime access to all 30 sessions, meaning you can learn at the pace that works for your particular situation, and won’t miss any of the potentially life changing information. 

Not only that, you’ll also get access to the Holistic Psychotherapy Private Members Facebook Group, so you can get support from like-minded others who are on the same journey as you.

So, if you’re really serious about achieving mastery in your therapeutic work, being at the forefront of the field, and offering the best possible service to your clients..

If you want to save time and effort on experimentation and learn what really works when it comes to helping clients heal..

And if you want CPD certification and lifetime access to 30+ hours of paradigm-shifting masterclasses.

Then the Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass is for you. 

Altogether — we’re talking about £3,000 worth in content and CPD certification
if you upgrade to the all-access pass today:

So Why Should You Make it Your #1 Focus to
Take a Holistic Approach to Psychotherapy?

There is a rapidly growing evidence base suggesting that “mental health” is not just about what’s happening inside our skulls.

Rather, there are biological, social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental factors that play an equally important role. 

Moreover, pluralistic research shows that different therapies work for different people at different points in time, and that some clients do better in one kind of therapy than another.

Therefore, it’s no longer adequate to only be informed about one approach, e.g. CBT or person-centred, — no matter how effective it may be. 

Because, to the therapist who only carries one tool (e.g. a hammer), everything will look like a nail.

Instead, we need to take a holistic approach. 

One that accounts for the whole person; mind, brain, body, and spirit — which is what you’ll learn how to do with the Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass. 

But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what two of the leading minds in the field have to say: 

“It is estimated that there are more than 400 different types of therapy, with the majority of practitioners in the UK tending to identify with one or other of these schools.

…And yet, there is also the danger that the development of ‘schools’ can lead to an unproductive ‘schoolism’, in which adherents of a particular orientation become entrenched in the ‘rightness’ of their approach; closed to the value, skills and wisdom of other forms of therapy. Here, practitioners lose out, embroiled in a competitive, hostile and stultifying culture; but, perhaps more importantly, clients can be severely disadvantaged: inducted into therapeutic discourses and practices that may not be most suited to their individual, specific needs and wants.”

Professor Mick Cooper and Professor John MacLeod

When you upgrade to the
Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass
During This Limited Time Period, You'll Get:

30 Video Masterclass Sessions

(£3,000 Value)

You will get lifetime access to 30 in-depth masterclass sessions (30+ hours) with the world’s leading clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and professors – people like Janina Fisher, Steve Hayes, Paul Gilbert, Pat Ogden, Dan Siegel, Stephen Porges, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Richard Schwartz, and 22 others! You’ll learn their best practices for effective psychotherapy and discover the strategies and methods they’ve spent decades developing. You can watch each masterclass from the comfort of your home and implement the knowledge at your own pace.

Audio Mp3 Downloads all Sessions

Want to learn on the go? We took each of the 30 video sessions, and turned them into audio versions in downloadable MP3 format for your convenience (30+ hours of actionable insights), so you can download them on your phone, iPod, iPad or computer, and listen to them whenever you want – on your commute, in the car, at the gym, on the go — anytime, anywhere.

CPD Certification

(£563 value, 30 Hours of Continuing Professional Development)

The Weekend University’s usual monthly conferences provide participants with 3 hours of CPD for £56.33 – which is a bargain in itself. However, The Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass qualifies you for 10x this amount, with a certificate being worth 30 hours of CPD. 

To claim your certificate, simply complete all six module multiple choice quizzes with an overall average score of 70% or higher. Then, once eligible, please email support@theweekenduniversity.com with ‘Holistic Psychotherapy CPD’ in the subject line. Our team will check that you meet the criteria, and if so, your certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your request.

Access The Holistic Psychotherapy Private Members' Group

Would you like to connect with other mental health professionals, who are also committed to taking a holistic, evidence-based approach to therapeutic work? Would you like support on your journey towards therapy mastery? If so, The Holistic Psychotherapy Private Members’ Group is for you. Here, you’ll get a chance to connect with like-minded practitioners, get your questions answered, and engage in meaningful discussions that help you integrate the knowledge you learn during the sessions.

Deepen Your Learning with 6 Module Quizzes

Research in cognitive science shows that regular testing is one of the most effective ways to learn new material. Testing yourself on new knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of the content and produces a better recall of facts than when it is absent. This is why we’ve created a ten question multiple choice quiz for all six modules, as it will allow you to solidify what you learn in long term memory, thereby “making it stick”, and enabling you to apply it in your client work.

Bonus #1: 1 x Premium TWU Online Conference Package, including CPD certification and Recordings (value = £67.23)

Your all access pass will also get you a free ticket to TWU’s flagship monthly conference, where you can learn directly from three of the leading pioneers in the field and participate in Live Q&A with them. This includes lifetime access to the recordings from the event and CPD certification. (See past and upcoming events here.) Your premium pass is valid from February 2023 and is redeemable for one year.

Bonus #2: Access to our Attachment Theory & Psychotherapy Online Course with Professor Jeremy Holmes

(£99 Value)

The course is run by Professor Jeremy Holmes – one of the world’s leading experts in how attachment theory can be applied to improve therapeutic practice. Just so you know we’re not making this up, Peter Fonagy has described Professor Holmes’ latest book as “one of the most valuable contributions to the field in this century.” This normally costs £99, but you can get it for free if you purchase an all access pass today. 

Bonus #3: Access to our Depth Psychology (Freud, Jung, Klein, and Winnicott) Online Course with Dr Mark Vernon, PhD.

(£99 Value)

The depth psychologists; Freud, Jung, Winnicott and Klein, helped us understand that much of what we do is shaped by the unconscious, and that our conscious mind (the ego) is just the tip of the iceberg. Crucially, they also developed methods for working with the unconscious and making its contents conscious, to improve our self awareness and give us greater freedom in our lives. In this online course, normally priced at £99, you’ll explore the key ideas of Freud, Jung, Winnicott and Klein, and examine how they can be applied to create lasting changes.

TOTAL VALUE = £3,828.23

You save over 95% Off the full value price if you purchase today.

Get Access to All 30 Masterclass Sessions Plus CPD Certification
for Only £97 £67.

What Previous All Access Pass Holders Have To Say:

The Experts You'll Soon Be Learning From With the
Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass:

Module 1 - The Big Ideas

How Compassion Transforms The Mind

— Prof. Paul Gilbert OBE

The New Science of Emotions

— Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett

Working at Relational Depth in Psychotherapy

— Prof. Mick Cooper

Why Psychotherapy Works

— Dr Louis Cozolino

Attachment Science and Psychotherapy

— Prof. Jeremy Holmes

Module 2 - The Mind

Healing the Mind with the New Science of Hypnosis

— Dr David Spiegel

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

— Professor Windy Dryden

An Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

— Professor Michaela Swales

Transactional Analysis

— Dr Mark Widdowson

Working with Psychedelics in Therapy

— Maria Papaspyrou

Module 3 - The Body

Polyvagal Safety & Psychotherapy

— Dr Stephen Porges

Healing and Transforming the Nervous System

— Irene Lyon

An Introduction to Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

— Dr Pat Ogden

Breathwork and Psychotherapy

— Prema McKeever

Unlocking Dopamine to Break Addictions and Flourish in Life

— Dr Anna Lembke

Module 4 - The Spirit

Nonduality: The Direct Path to Ending Suffering.

— Rupert Spira

Victor Frankl, Existential Analysis, and Working with Meaning in Psychotherapy.

— Dr Alfried Längle

Self Transcendence in Psychotherapy

— Dr Annahita Nezami

Waking Dreams: Imagination in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life.

— Allan Frater

The New Science of Interconnection: Redefining Self, Identity, and Belonging.

— Dr Daniel Siegel

Module 5 - Frameworks

Improving Therapeutic Outcomes with Single Session Therapy

— Professor Windy Dryden

Using Chairwork in Psychotherapy

— Dr Matthew Pugh and Tobyn Bell

Race, Respect, and Diversity in Therapy.

— Professor Divine Charura and Professor Colin Lago

An Introduction to Process-Based Therapy

— Professor Steven Hayes

How Internal Family Systems Can Help You Flourish

— Dr Richard Schwartz

Module 6 - Working with..

Transforming Relationships in Therapy

— Terrence Real

Working with Diversity in Psychotherapy

— Dr Dwight Turner

Treating Addiction with the Felt-Sense Polyvagal Model

— Jan Winhall

Working with Neurodiverse Clients in Therapy

— Danny van Deurzen Smith

Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors

— Dr Janina Fisher

Here’s What Some of Our Speakers Have to Say About The Weekend University:

"I have been delighted to be invited to give talks on Compassion Focused Therapy and Evolutionary Psychology at The Weekend University in 2018. These events are very well organised, and an excellent initiative for furthering the public's understanding of psychology."

Professor Paul Gilbert
OBE and Founder of Compassion Focused Therapy

'The Weekend University is always very well-organised and Niall (McKeever) is a great host. He really puts his heart into The Weekend University and its shows in the quality of the speakers he brings in.'

Professor Mick Cooper

'The Weekend University attracts hundreds of interested learners to their fascinating monthly psychology sessions in London. I have enjoyed teaching for them several times, as have many of my colleagues.'

Professor Emmy van Deurzen

‘I was impressed by Niall McKeever’s professionalism and courtesy – and I enjoyed very much presenting, with enough time to go into some depth and still leave time for questions. It was an excellent experience.’

Dr Iain McGilchrist

Why Should I Sign Up for
The Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass?

1. Unique & Actionable Material

The unique content has the potential to revolutionise your approach to psychotherapy, helping you to achieve mastery in your therapeutic work, and bringing you to the forefront of the field. 

The content will be valuable regardless of what stage in your career you currently find yourself in whether you’re just starting out, or have been practising for decades. 

This is why the All Access Pass is a no-brainer for most of our attendees.

2. Learn from the Pioneers in the Field

With the All Access Pass, it’ll be like having 30 of the world’s leading practitioners and researchers “on call”, constantly ready to help you with their best insights. Don’t waste years of your precious time and money on trial and error. Instead, why not learn directly from the leading minds about what really works in therapy? 

This way, you can benefit from the decades of research and thousands of hours of clinical work that have led to these unique insights. 

3. Reduce Overwhelm

It’s a fact – most mental health professionals are struggling with overwhelm. With over 500 different therapeutic approaches, how can you possibly keep up? And how are you supposed to know who to trust? 

If you want to avoid the stress of trying to keep up with all of the new information out there, and instead develop an understanding of the core principles of what actually gets results in therapy, then the all access pass is for you. We’ve gathered together the leading minds in evidence-based psychotherapy into one place, and interviewed them to condense their most essential knowledge and best practices into actionable material for you – thereby providing you with a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.

​A Quick Recap

Here's what you'll be getting:

The Holistic Psychotherapy Summit All Access Pass

Exclusive priority access to all 30 masterclass sessions, downloadable audio, cpd certification, module quizzes, and access to the private membership community. 

When you enrol during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:
  • Lifetime access to 30 masterclass session videos (£3,000 Value).
  • 30+ hours of expert sessions in downloadable MP3 format – so you can listen on the move.
  • CPD Certification which qualifies you for 30 hours of continuing professional development (£563 value).
  • Access to our exclusive summit member’s group, where you can connect with like-minded people, share your insights, and engage in meaningful discussion with other all access pass members.
  • 6 x module quizzes to help you integrate the knowledge from the sessions

As well as these incredible bonuses:

  • 1 x Premium TWU Online Conference Package, including CPD certification and Recordings (value = £67.23)
  • Access to our Attachment Theory & Psychotherapy Online Course with Professor Jeremy Holmes (priced at £99).
  • Access to our Depth Psychology (Freud, Jung, Klein, and Winnicott) Online Course with Dr Mark Vernon, PhD (£99 value).

Total Value = £3,828.23

You save more than 95% off the total value if you register today.

Get Access to 30+ Hours in Masterclass Sessions Plus CPD Certifcation.. For Only £97 £67.

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We’re so confident that you’ll get so much value from your All-Access Pass, that we’re offering it with an outrageous 100% money-back guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

Sign up for your Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass and test it out for the next 30 days.

Watch as many of the 30 masterclass sessions as you like, and, if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), simply email support@theweekenduniversity.com within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your money in full — no questions asked. 

This means there is absolutely zero risk for you in giving this a try. 

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your All-Access Pass today, so you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass gets you lifetime access to all masterclass video sessions, downloadable audio files, CPD certification, and access to the Holistic Psychotherapy Private Members Facebook Group. 

With the free pass, you can only watch each session for a period of 24 hours during the live summit. 

However, if you upgrade to the All-Access Pass, you’ll get lifetime, on-demand access inside our members area where you can go at your own pace.

Yes, it’s 100% online. As an All Access Pass holder, you can access everything online in the private members area at your own convenience.

Yes! With the All Access Pass, you can take any of the video or audio sessions and put them on your mobile device for easy access, anytime, anywhere. The video sessions can be streamed inside the members area.

The All Access Pass is ideal for mental health professionals who are interested in taking a holistic, evidence-based approach to their therapeutic work — one that accounts for the whole person; mind, brain, body, and spirit. 

You might just be starting out on your journey as a therapist, or you may be a seasoned professional with decades of experience behind you. 

No, the pass is for anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of these topics. 

For example, you might:

— Be considering a career in psychotherapy, counselling or clinical psychology in the future

— Be interested in using the information to improve your own emotional intelligence and quality of life

— Be working in another helping role, e.g. occupational therapy, nursing, social work, physiotherapy, and interested in using the knowledge to better serve your clients. 

— Simply be curious about the human condition.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Should you have any problems with your payment, please contact us by emailing support@theweekenduniversity.com

(We don’t offer any payment plans for the All Access Pass as it’s already very affordable as it is.)

Simply sign up for your Holistic Psychotherapy All Access Pass and test it out for the next 30 days.

Watch as many of the 30 masterclass sessions as you like, and, if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), email us on: support@theweekenduniversity.com  within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your money in full — with no questions asked. 

This means there is absolutely zero risk for you in giving this a try.

Meet Your Host
The Weekend University.

The Weekend University’s mission is to make the most important ideas in psychology more accessible, so that people can use the knowledge to improve their quality of life.

To do this, we organise live conferences and interviews with world leading psychologists, professors, and authors.

Since 2017, we’ve hosted over 60 conferences, as well as over 200 talks and interviews with world-leading experts, which we’ve released via our YouTube and Podcast. 

The Holistic Psychotherapy Summit is our attempt to bring together the best minds and ideas we’ve discovered on our journey, and make them available to you in one single live event. 

This means you’re getting the highest quality material from the best and brightest in the field – all in one place. 

Get Access to All 30 Masterclass Sessions Plus
CPD Certification... For Only £97 £67.

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